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Bizanticons Art is a team specialized in promoting a various range of religious artefacts, specific products and services in the quality religious art domain. Our faith and respect for the byzantine tradition recommend us as ideal partners in the supply of religious objects and services to the Romanian Patriarchate, Bishopric, Churches and Monasteries in and out of our country. Our products are being delivered all over the world: America, Canada, Venezuela, Australia, Africa, Iordania and the whole Europe.

Bizanticons Art stands for quality, variety, innovation, diversity, fair price and respect for our partners. Our team offers cult objects made out of bronze, brass or solid silver, painted or manually polished icons, wooden iconostasis and furniture, religious painting, bronze or alloy candelabrum, carpets, priest clothing and tailoring, cult and religious books, frame and lithographed icons with saints, silver or solid silver icons, over 10000 types of prostrations, keychains, small crosses and souvenirs.

We are also supplying you with workshop materials for churches and monasteries: myrrh essences and bottles, thread for knitting rosaries, transfer crosses and balls, cardboard icons and plastic bags for icons, plasticized foil, various crosses and accessories.

Our cult objects are being brought from the most prestigious and renowned factories and workshops all over the world, from Rusia and Greece, countries that have great respect for the religious art. All the objects from these masters have the best quality, being bathed in gold baths for a thick layer of gold. After this essential process they are being varnished, this step giving them higher resistance in time.

At our partners request we are offering cult objects reconditioning services. Bizanticons Art also offers led and economical lightbulbs for candelabrums, accessories and incense of the best quality at the lowest prices. We can make on special order any model of icon or cult object that you want, even from silver or solid silver.

If you contact us we will respond with pleasure and if you place an order on our website we will give you the product that you want.